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Club Fitting
Maximize your performance with precision matched golf clubs think the lie angle of your club does not make a difference, and you want to play good golf? THINK AGAIN!
                                                                -Oneda Castillo
                                                                 LPGA Teaching Professional and  Golf Consultant 
                                                                " Certified to fit every brand of clubs."

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  The ONEDAGOLF System is owned and operated by Oneda Castillo, LPGA Teaching Professional and Golf Consultant.
Sounds familiar ?.
Don't let this be YOU!

  At ONEDAGOLF we are master club fitters certified to fit every brand of clubs. 

 Our fittings includes a precision analysis of your swing to determine the club, (style & length),  flex, shaft, loft lie angle, and set make up that is right for you. 

 Your golf clubs is one of the most important part of your game.  Correctly fitted clubs, or  incorrectly  fitted clubs will seriously impact your game and affect your handicap.

 Buying the right set of golf clubs is a long term investment.  

 According to John Bolt, in an article written in golfequipmentsource, "If you don't have your  clubs  properly fitted to your swing style and game you're giving away strokes for yourself  and to  the competition.  Every player who loves the game of golf needs to have this done.  The nice  thing about it is you don't need to buy new clubs; they'll do it to your existing ones".

 The club fitting process involves private assessment, consultation and the use of special  equipment. During fitting, several individual things are taken into consideration, to determine  the right fit. Among them are;

  • Swing Speed
  • Age
  • Height
  • Current skill level ( handicap)
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • 150 yard club use
  • Ball fitting

"Hey, what just happened to my swing ?."

"O'h boy it is going to be a long day."

     It's your game, play it well. Start with clubs that fit.

                Better fit = Better Performance = Better Golf

                  The ONEDAGOLF SYSTEM

                               Get your clubs fitted today.  It's a game changer.

Oneda was named 2015 CLUB FITTER of the YEAR  and she Chooses Titleist! 

What's in your bag?
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