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Creating champions from the inside out

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       "Talent is overated, but Strategy is not, but how can they know if they have not been                    taught.  I am committed to sharing the knowledge".

                                                                                    Oneda Castillo
                                                                                    LPGA Teaching Professional and Golf Consultant

Goal      Strategy     Mastery


​   The ONEDAGOLF Coaching System
      Is a premier strategy based system designed for              
     individual golf game success.

      The foundation of the training is based on goals, 

      strategy, and mastery. The student will learn how to

      create a specific  plan of action to improve or excel 

       at the game of golf.

​      The system is student centered and individually

       designed to meet the player's specific golf goals.

      Sessions include                           

  • Goal Setting
  • Swing Assessment
  • Short Game
  • Course Mastery
  • Thinking to Win

The ONEDAGOLF Coaching System is designed 
    for beginners to tournament players of all ages.
  The system can be customized for group coaching.

        To schedule an Individual or group                      session or if you are interested in

                   Contact ONEDAGOLF

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   The ONEDAGOLF System is owned and operated by Oneda Castillo, LPGA Teaching Professional and Golf Consultant.
Every Shot Must Have a Purpose:
by Pia Nilsson , Lynn Marriott , Ron Sirak

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